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The desk lamp that shield an eye to eye eye really?

by:Guangli     2020-04-21
First of all, the desk lamp of light li as a professional manufacturer is responsible to tell you that in the national standard is not the concept and standard of the desk lamp that shield an eye, the so-called eye is just used to do propaganda. Of course, the desk lamp that shield an eye does not necessarily have eye effect, but good the platform will than the general desk lamp that shield an eye to eyes hurt a lot less. Why do you say so? Take a look at below. If we choose the desk lamp that shield an eye, no frequency flash source, general of the following would happen: stroboscopic refers to the luminous flux of electric light source at a certain frequency fluctuations. And generally the naked eye can identify the stroboscopic of around 80 hz, more than 2 KHZ frequency flash with the flashing cycle will be greatly shortened, the human eye can't tell, will think no flicker. But stroboscopic still save, and high frequency flash will bring greater harm. Research shows that a 3 - Low frequency of 70 hz flashing light source for some people may cause photosensitive epilepsy; About 100 hz flicker frequency is considered can lead to headaches, migraine, For the 120 hz frequency flickering light source may affect the person's mood, appear boredom, anxiety, etc. If we choose the desk lamp that shield an eye without blue light, it would happen commonly: blue light reaches a certain intensity into the retina, is likely to cause photochemical retinal damage, cause macular degeneration and cataracts. Especially children, the lens clear more than adults, blu-ray easier to direct, damage the retina. The wavelength of light in the 400 - nm - Between 500 nm, after radiation exposure caused by photochemical effect, cause retinal damage potential, if the irradiation time of more than 10 seconds will plays a main role of this kind of harm. According to the study, the color temperature is moderate, with a soft yellow light the lamp that shield an eye is fit for the demands to read. The index contains blue light damage, in order to avoid by using high color WenFu blue LED lighting products possible adverse effects on human health, indoor LED lighting products should not be the color temperature of more than 4000 k. So the desk lamp that shield an eye will be seeing much of choose and buy, if not, you can online consulting or calls light li negotiations, this is a professional to do the desk lamp that shield an eye.
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