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The development history of strong light flashlight

by:Guangli     2020-03-25
< p > the development of mobile lighting tools can be traced back to the early stages of the development of human society - — The primitive society. Since humans learned to simulated flight mobile lighting has experienced from the fire, oil, the candle on the development of electricity. Mobile lighting experienced countless change, appeared the torches, oil lamp, candle, kerosene lamps to the incandescent light bulb flashlight, hid xenon light bulb flashlight, now wide variety of LED flashlight, etc. The lamp after several improvements. Lamp fuel from vegetable oil instead of animal oil, then replaced by kerosene. In order to prevent the wind blew the fire out, people give the lamp with the cover, from the early paper cover to the later switched to the glass, the lamp is not afraid of the wind, is advantageous for the outdoor mobile lighting. At the same time of using the lamp lighting, humans still looking for other methods of mobile lighting. Around the 3rd century BC, someone made a wax candle. By the 18th century, there was made of paraffin wax candles, and start mass production with the machine. More than 100 years ago the British invented the gaslight, make human lighting method is a big step forward. Torches, candles, lamps, gas these portable lighting tools, did not leave the fire, everything of light to lighting. The end of the 19th century, Thomas Edison invented the electric light, from now on to rewrite the history of the human lighting, the modern age when human beings to electricity for lighting. Embryo < / p > < p > Edison invent the light bulb, Faraday invented batteries, invented the flashlight in the true sense. But the bulb light performance is not stable, when Ming when the dark, so the name 'Flashlight'. Until the late '60 s, with the emergence of alkaline batteries, flashlight 'lighting function' is completed. < / p > the first generation of flashlight < p > characteristics: tungsten filament bulbs + alkaline batteries, with surface electroplating tin shell for the first generation of flashlight, commonly known as 'old flashlight,' bulb commonly adopt tungsten filament incandescent bulbs, luminous efficiency is low, service life is short, easy to burn. Battery using large-sized alkaline batteries, large volume but range is not high. Flashlight of the surface of the shell for electroplating tin, lightweight but the process is simple. The second generation of flashlight < / p > < p > features: the light bulb into high-performance batteries, protective gas + in aluminium alloy as the shell material of the second generation flashlight, in terms of performance or appearance has the new breakthrough. Is a typical representative of the second generation flashlight krypton bulbs + alkaline batteries, light bulbs live longer, more durable battery life. With aluminum alloy as the shell material, adopt surface oxidation process, exquisite workmanship, elegant appearance, color is rich, simple sense is good. Another typical representative is using xenon bulbs + lithium ion battery, the light bulb longer life, to enhance the brightness and color temperature is higher, and put forward the concept of 'tactical flashlight', for the flashlight has opened up a new market. < / p > the third generation of flashlight < p > features: the application of new technology - — LED背光。 Color temperature reached an unprecedented height, close to or even greater than that of white light color temperature, lower power consumption. The main characteristics of the third generation of flashlight is used the LED bulbs, because the structure of the LED itself, better reliability. Light pattern also appeared on the flashlight, for the first time, which is popular. Flashlight < p > < / p > fourth-generation features: built-in open programmable intelligent control chip, through special software custom light pattern - — Intelligent flashlight new generation flashlight - — Nextorch myTorch intelligent flashlight ( SmartTorch) , the traditional flashlight dimming technology combined with IT technology, the built-in open programmable intelligent control chip, the user can through the special software customized personalized flashlight shine mode of a new generation of the floorboard of the flashlight. < / p > < p > post: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com

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