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The difference between the lamp that shield an eye with normal lamp

by:Guangli     2020-04-11
Ordinary lamp in 50 hz alternating current state to work properly, will happen every second glitters 100 times or so, so high flicker frequency, light by the human eye is to look not to come out. Therefore, under the desk lamp over time, and do not pay attention to use eye sanitation, extremely easy to myopia. < / p > and the principle of the majority of the lamp that shield an eye is to increase the electrical frequency of 50 hz to 40000-55000 hz, and the corresponding lamp every second flicker frequency will drop sharply, some even can be reduced to zero, so to protect the vision function. < / p > a small percentage of the principle of the lamp that shield an eye is an alternating current into direct current, direct current lamps, really no stroboscopic, no radiation. However, science and technology content is higher, the cost is higher, so the price is relatively high. Temporarily can't close to the average user. < / p > the desk lamp that shield an eye features: < / p > 1) Similar to natural pigments, brightness stability, no flicker, won't cause eye fatigue. < / p > ( 2) Light emitting area is large, is not easy to produce harmful to the eyesight of glare and large area shadow. < / p > ( 3) Instantaneous window, lit after quiet, no noise. < / p > ( 4) Save electricity 80% compared with ordinary incandescent lamp, lamp life can reach more than 6000 hours on average. < / p > the desk lamp that shield an eye choice: < / p > the lamp that shield an eye on the market of the brand, price difference is bigger also. We suggest that, when choosing the lamp that shield an eye, want to notice to actually use function, must from the intensity of illumination, Is the power consumption and the parameters of the brightness, refers to the power of the light, the higher the wattage, the greater the power, but the higher brightness, general reading can choose 15 w ~ 18 w energy-saving lamps) , stroboscopic ( Advised to choose a high frequency of high frequency modulation, such as about 50000 hz) And the electromagnetic radiation ( Suggestion choice with eliminate the electromagnetic radiation of electronic or electromagnetic shielding technology products) Measures such as comprehensive consideration, don't be misled by some one-sided propaganda of the brightness of the products. < / p > < p > < / p >
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