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The four characteristics of LED the desk lamp that shield an eye

by:Guangli     2020-05-05
In our everyday life we often received some radiation, especially computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and other household appliances are radioactive. LED lamp also is so, generally speaking, there are blinking LED stage light there is some radiation, but the Light li 】 The production research and development of LED the desk lamp that shield an eye is no radiation, consumer can be at ease use. No stroboscopic about LED lamp, I think I still have a need to explain, we how to distinguish the LED desk lamp is no stroboscopic? The method is very simple! When buying LED desk lamp we use cell phone camera close to the LED lamp light source, if the phone's screen shows rolling stripe images, illustrate the light source is a stroboscopic, stroboscopic light source often leads to ocular muscle contraction and expansion, to achieve a certain amount of time the eyes can produce the feeling of eye acid, is the visual fatigue, basically each of us have experienced the feeling of reading eye acid, eye acid after we just want to sleep. So try not to buy the LED desk lamp, want to buy buy light r&d and production of LED the desk lamp that shield an eye. That here there are consumers may question, how do I know' Light li 】 LED the desk lamp that shield an eye have radiation? Let's to explain! Generally define LED the desk lamp that shield an eye have radiation, can distinguish according to the following four characteristics: characteristics of 1:1 eye performance. Light frequency is high enough, and generally requires more than 40000 times per second light, to guarantee the continuous and stable no stroboscopic light; 2. Tubes, color light color close to natural, poor quality of the lamp that shield an eye, light frequency is low, the tube quality is poorer, difficult to eye. Features two: safety performance main requirement have enough the power cord, internal electronic wire cross-sectional area and thickness of the insulating layer. Circuit board is the minimum distance between the cathode is greater than 2. 5 mm, with over-current protection device, lamp switch in line with national requirements. Bad quality of the lamp that shield an eye not meet above requirement, may lead to injury accident fire and children. Performance characteristics of the three: non-toxic high-quality LED the desk lamp that shield an eye is made of high quality non-toxic engineering plastics, can modulate the essence of a shallow, inferior the lamp that shield an eye most used recycled plastic production, there may be toxic, it will affect the health of the children. Reworked material color is deeper, poor appearance. Multi-purpose cover oil spraying method to match color appearance. Features four: after-sales service like light li strength specification big company production of brand products, after-sales service is guaranteed, customer interests can be guaranteed.
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