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The Good And The Bad of Crystal Lamps

by:Guangli     2020-08-23
When it comes to decorating with crystal lamps in a remodeling project, there are both good and bad aspects that should be considered. This style of lamp has made a comeback in recent years as a new and innovated way to present lighting into a design. When one decides to use the lamp then the following concerns should be viewed. The good part about using crystal lamps in a home remodeling project is that the lamps themselves are very trendy. The lamps have been around for decades but in the recent past have gone through some updates. With new designs coming out of China and other Asian Pacific nations, the cost of the lamps have decreased dramatically. Needless to say the lamps look good and can really spice up a room. Whether it is a desk lamp or a floor model, the crystals on the lamp really can change the mood and feel of the room they are used in. Unlike other lamps that often times just fade into the background, crystal lamps present themselves as one of the main focal points. Add to this that the new lamps of today also have the crystals produced in different colors to make them even more dynamic. If one decides that this kind of lamp is for them and they wish to incorporate it their new design, they really cannot go wrong. The bad thing about these types of lamps is that they are not very kid or pet friendly. Due to the fact that they often times are so shinny, it cannot help but attract the attention of kids and animals. The crystal used on the lamps is often very delicate and highly breakable if not handled with care. As most everyone know, small children are usually not very gentle and the can easily damage the lamp without much effort. Also for younger children one has to be concerned with the choking hazard that could take place. The exact same must be said for the pets and animals of the house. With as light weight as the lamps can be, it would not take much force from an animal's tail to knock it over and damage it beyond repair. The last negative about these kinds of lamps is that they are not easy to clean when dirty. When the dirt and dust get on the crystals themselves, often times one must take the actual crystals off the lamp to clean. This is a pain staking task as detaching the crystal means that they are now more prone to being broken by accident. In conclusion, there is both good and bad in using these types of lamps in your next home remodeling or decorating projects. If used in the right location they can offer one a dynamic room with a beautiful focal point. On the other hand, if children and household pets are going to be around, then one must take some time to ascertain if this lamp is right for the space.
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