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The host USB port can be connected to the USB lamp?

by:Guangli     2020-05-01
The host on the computer, as we all know, there are several USB port, easy to insert the electric equipment, then the USB lamp when we insert the USB port to the PC host will have what effect? We according to the lamp light processing custom manufacturer li cognitive! Generally when USB lamp power in mainframe computers, to the extent permitted, have no effect on the host computer is in USB connect a small desk lamp will not damage the machine, the USB lamp are generally use the USB port is 5 v power supply, as long as the little lamp power don't you choose is too high, the use of it is like you use other USB device will not cause damage to the machine, but increases power consumption; The lamp from the USB port on the other hand, in fact, only use the USB power supply, the impact on the computer is also increase the chassis power supply and main board power supply load, if your configuration is better, power is sufficient, the mainboard and better words have no problem, otherwise may affect the motherboard power supply stability, which leads to unstable system operation. In contrast, when the USB lamp power close to or more than the computer host range, is unfavorable to the computer. To know more information, I believe we all know, in the general case, the host computer power is bad master whether can bear the power of desk lamp, table lamp light processing custom manufacturer li suggested not to insert the USB on computer host desk lamp and other USB port equipments.
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