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The Humble Black Desk Lamp Of A Writer

by:Guangli     2020-08-19
When I started writing professionally I decided that all I really needed for the job was a computer and a desk and a comfortable chair in which I could sit for 12 hours a day and work, work, work. As the days went by I realized that there were more things that were needed as a writer and they had more to do with comfort than I ever would have given credit for. My black desk lamp that I had purchased about ten years earlier was looking a little old and haggled and it was more of an eye sore than a aid to my work. I started to think about all the words I had ever written under the light of that old black desk lamp and started to realize that we had written some lengthy narratives together over the years. If our belongings could ever talk I wonder what they would say about us? Would they be grateful of the words they illuminated for us in the wee hours of the morning when inspiration struck? Would they be regretful that they were not the shiny new specimen that they once were when I bought the black desk lamp home from the office supplies store and placed it eagerly on my desk? Or would they tell us that their purpose was to brighten the way for us, to allow us to work when we really should have been sleeping? I started thinking about the items that I had purchased at the start of my writing career and the ones that I still kept as sort of tools that I must have in order to work. Do they contribute to my writing more than I give them credit for? Are they responsible for allowing me to work on projects in the middle of the night and allow my inspiration to flow on to the paper? Whatever the case, my humble desk lamp has seen words that many will never get to see.
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