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The influence of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, the desk lamp that shield an eye for eye

by:Guangli     2020-04-16
Incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, the desk lamp that shield an eye have harm to the eyes, to see its luminous principle. World electric development has experienced three generations of the incandescent lamp, inductive fluorescent lamp and high frequency fluorescent lamp. Besides the incandescent light bulb on the market at present basically belongs to the third generation of light, and the emergence of LED desk lamp has already put into the fourth generation lighting era, with the passage of time, all kinds of lamp to the harm of eyes also growing. Below about one by one to you: 1, incandescent lamp luminous principle of incandescent lamp as is known to all, is the use of the principle of resistance converts electrical energy into light energy, the filament temperature of 2000 ℃. Incandescent lamp is enjoyed by most people, cheaper incandescent lamp light directly because of is the use of alternating current (ac), so when light can produce, because of the ac power produced by the stroboscopic stroboscopic frequency is controlled in 100 hz, because an alternating current is 50 hz a cycle is one bright one dark 100 hz, stroboscopic has a lot of damage to the retina, if sustained over a long period of time under the incandescent lamp can cause vision loss, even dizzy. 2, energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps are produced by ionization of mercury steam ultraviolet light, then the purpose of these stimulus uv fluorescent powder to shine. Because in energy-saving lamp tube walls lamplight blotted out a lot of phosphor powder, fluorescent powder bright led to ultraviolet (uv) send out at the same time, resulting in the radiation of the eyes. Lamp and energy-saving lamp is highlighted, for a long time in the work under the environment of the harm of eyes, especially the eye tissues of youngsters' and children's is not fully development is complete, vision is more likely to be affected, resulting in myopia. 3, the lamp that shield an eye is the lamp that shield an eye is called the lamp that shield an eye, the main focus on no stroboscopic, in fact the lamp that shield an eye to a certain extent, let a person eyes feel light and no change, it is the use of high frequency electronic rectifier current frequency adjust to several thousand Hertz even tens of thousands of Hertz, that is to say, adjust the speed of light flash to thousands of even tens of thousands of times per second, so that the eyes feel no stroboscopic phenomenon.
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