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The LED lamp blu-ray harm is the main reason of the high-energy shortwave blu-ray

by:Guangli     2020-05-13
The launch of the white light LED lamp light source can form mainly consisted of 450 ~ 455 nm wavelength of the blue light stimulate phosphor powder, including lower wavelength firing ability are more strong. Usually LED lights factory within a 500 - nm wavelength control, generally is 450 ~ 455 nm or 455 ~ 460 nm, belong to the strongest radiation damage extents. If the wavelength change, stimulate phosphor ability to drop, luminous efficiency will be lower. Manufacturers in order to pursue the brightness, usually to strengthen the blue LED light intensity, the eye if the long run, such a source to avoid eyes blue light damage. Family LED lighting use less as far as possible, especially the LED the lamp that shield an eye in the trial period, LED only fit for auxiliary lighting. German ophthalmologist Richard & middot; Frank dikotter ( R。 H。 W。 Funk) Professor research report pointed out that when inappropriate light light our eyes, can cause dysfunction, especially trichromatic lamp, such as computer screen contains a large number of irregular frequency from the high-energy shortwave blu-ray, the shortwave blu-ray has a very high energy, can penetrate the lens to the retina, the retinal photochemical damage, directly or indirectly lead to the macular area cell damage. So, for we are normal people, cut off blue light irradiation for a long time is the most effective way to reduce damage, and used the blue glasses can effectively solve this, ordinary only filters ultraviolet radiation protection glasses and a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation, and can't filter blue light. Dedicated blu-ray glasses not only can effectively isolate uv proof and radiation and can filter more than 90% of the blue light, suitable for use in looking at computer or TV, can greatly reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes, eyes that acidity, symptoms such as fever or pain, relieve eye fatigue. Now for energy-saving products, the whole society's attention any more than any of the previous period, which is called the fourth generation of light source, LED in dual driven by industrial capital and government subsidies, realized the explosive growth in recent years. In a happy, however, some experts point out that medicine and electric light source, a lot of LED lamps and lanterns there are serious blu-ray overflow problem. Accumulate over a long period of human eye retina will be irreversible damage, serious and even lead to blindness. So between energy saving and healthy, we should how to choice and find the solution? LED, high luminous efficiency, compared to incandescent lamp can save at least 50 - to save power 60%, especially for a long time, like the underground garage, etc. , in a year can recover the cost of it.
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