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The LED lamp is too expensive depending on what factors?

by:Guangli     2020-05-08
LED desk lamp can say is everywhere in our life, it is decorated with the beauty of the night, with the city's bright, but also give people love learning work needed for life, so the LED desk lamp has gradually become the mainstream of the size of the city. LED desk lamp, the brand has a lot of, but we are in the LED lamp market consumption, tend to be the big brand in terms of priority, moreover is the appearance of LED desk lamp is practical, exposed to the LED lamp price all know, some big brands or some practical LED lamp price is more expensive, so why is it so expensive? What are you? Today we'll learn together! Factors of LED desk lamp is expensive, it itself exists one is: LED desk lamp USES the chip is different from other lamps have domestic and Taiwan chip and chip imports. The chip is different, the price difference is very big. At present the most expensive American chip, followed by Japan and Germany chip, lowest price of Taiwan chip, heat dissipation performance is a bit poor. Second: LED desk lamp encapsulation of different resin encapsulation and silica gel encapsulation. Price of resin encapsulation is cheaper. The other is the same. Silica gel encapsulation of the cooling performance is good, so the price a little expensive than resin encapsulation. Third: the color of the LED lamps are consistent at present domestic has many assembly house. Also have thousands of large and small combined, of course, also have strong and weak points of the power. There are a lot of small assembly house because there is no testing machine, so either not testing, or outgoing, so it is difficult to guarantee for quality. Four: the LED desk lamp LED welding welding effect of different effects: LED lamp belt assembly manual welding and welding machine. Manual welding is to use iron, the most primitive method is adopted to improve the welding. This operation mode in the product is a ugly appearance, the second is static maintenance measures is not good, a lot of LED chip is punctured, lead to electricity, the phenomenon of the careless or not bright. Welding is performed with reflow soldering welding machine, welding machine is different. Not after welding product appearance beautiful, and there will be no chip by the phenomenon of electrostatic burn out. At the same time, the LED position and direction are beautiful. Five: LED lamp, FPC FPC material rolled copper and apply two kinds of brass. Copper clad is cheaper, rolling of copper is more expensive. Its six: LED lamps have the patent certificate and patented is expensive, not cheap patent. Its seven: the brightness of the LED lamp brightness LED the price different. Normal brightness and highlight LED price comparison. So the price of LED desk lamp and the light source has a very direct relationship, good light source lamp price is expensive. Say so, you have your advantages, is called a penny a points goods, practical and good-looking of LED desk lamp is naturally the price is more expensive, next time if you want to buy the LED desk lamp, can consult the light, a professional do LED lamp manufacturers!
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