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The LED lamp light not bright what are the main failure?

by:Guangli     2020-05-09
We all know that desk lamp is very common in our life, it can be used for household decoration, student learning, office supplies, such as life needs. But the LED desk lamp occasionally out some problem, so what are the cause of the problem? Let's discuss consult. General LED desk lamp is divided into two kinds, one is the USB rechargeable LED desk lamp, the other is to use battery guide LED desk lamp. About USB rechargeable LED desk lamp light is not bright, the cause of the problem 1, damage to the USB port, without power, lead to no electricity; 2, charging circuit fault; 3, turn on the light while charging, which leads to the LED lamp wick burn out. LED desk lamp light not bright about battery lead the cause of the problem in 1, the PCB seems to be in good condition, but the inspection will be found to have split; 2, the battery has no electricity or poor contact circuit, power supply; 3, because the current is too large, resulting in LED burn out. ( Some manufacturers in order to light more bright, LED the current design slants big, lead to greatly shorten the life of a LED, this kind of situation often have bright LED dimming to process) 。 In recent years, continuously introduce the desk lamp that shield an eye, the USB lamp and light touch lamps and other series of electronic products, product diversification in perfect. Product research and development, manufacture, sales and service ability improved unceasingly. Light li with innovative design, sophisticated technology and strict management make light of high-quality goods, can provide customers with complete product series and reliable after-sales service.
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