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The LED lamp lighting of small and medium-sized enterprise future direction

by:Guangli     2020-05-08
As people living standard rise, the LED desk lamp as an important auxiliary tool of indoor lighting, now has got rapid development, especially in energy conservation and environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, now remember visited some chaozhou LED lamp factory, found the LED lighting companies are active preparations, LED factory have recently come out received orders for Europe and the United States companies, including crystal light, electricity, giant LED lighting business will grow sharply next year. Recent global each area LED lighting leading industry has move phenomenon. In some coastal city region economy more developed, the commodity trading markets density is larger, such as Shanghai, jiangsu, Beijing, tianjin, shandong, zhejiang, guangdong and other provinces and cities. These provinces and cities have good economic foundation, after the reform and opening up, the rapid development of the economy LED outdoor products demand growth, caused the rapid growth of the LED lamp market, potential development area, of course, the user is also big, second level 3 city LED lamp market gradually rise. In east China, south China region, some cities at prefectural level, economically developed city at county level, in this case, the professional and comprehensive stores rise ceaselessly, and decorate class and their products are also rising, but the second - and third-tier cities relatively consumption level is relatively lower, the price at around $100 of LED desk lamp is more easy to accept, these changes and ShiSheng demand has prompted some traditional LED industry into chaozhou LED lamp manufacturer, began to do the desk lamp that a piece of business, the market is also very big, is also the future direction of the green lighting light source, considering its many advantages, such as eye, save electricity, environmental protection and long service life, etc. Time is money, who head first, who will have the opportunity to gain priority in the future of LED desk lamp, from the point of the author visited the various of the market, at present each big chaozhou LED lamp manufacturers have embarked on the LED household lighting research and development and market development. Most of them are confidence in LED lighting application prospect in household. Who now has a chance to enter the LED home lighting field, but after 5 years maybe just wouldn't stand a chance. This is currently involved in the common LED household lighting manufacturer, based on the various advantages of LED light source, domestic enterprises for the LED household lighting research and development has stepped up efforts. For now, the household lighting firms typically put money into research and development of LED desk lamp, as a technical reserves, although in 2008 LED to land there year household act the role ofing, because low price and market acceptance, but does not prevent future full of confidence for future development, some of the enterprise cool light easy technology director says: the current enterprise in the field of household lighting is generally interested in the LED is not big, because the LED household lighting in whole household lighting less than 5% of the market, also need time to further develop and perfect. At present, the LED development prospects, is known around the world, is immeasurable.
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