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The principle and history of the primitive temperature and humidity meter

by:Guangli     2020-03-24
Night light socket is used to determine the temperature and humidity environment, in order to determine product production or storage environment conditions. Also used in People's Daily life. Are more widely application. The concept of < / p > humidity: < / p > when there are a lot of moisture in the air, we say that the air is wet. Scientists often use to describe how much moisture in the air relative humidity. In simple terms is to imagine the air is a towel. If you'd spilled a cup of water, you can use a towel to absorb water. But actually towels actually can absorb more than a cup of water. Maybe he can absorb five to ten cups of water. Water in some of the amount of water vapour in the air can only have part of the hydrosphere, so the relative humidity is a percentage. When the relative humidity is one hundred percent, and the air is saturated. Like a do wet towel, air can no longer take water. When the relative humidity is one hundred percent and the air is saturated, evaporation and deposition in the equilibrium state. To reach the balance again increase the amount of evaporation, as water sediment. < / p > water vapor was called as the humidity in the air. Because of water vapor molecules so tiny so they cannot be seen, the humidity of the people has developed a creative method to measure the amount of water vapor. < / p > hygrometer history: < / p > one Anna - perhaps people born in Italy in the 15th century -- -- -- Is the first to come up with this instrument to measure the content of water vapor in the air. 。 He put a dry cotton bang on the side of a day. Then he put a is the same as the cotton of the weight of the object on the other side of the day with. When the dry cotton absorbs water vapor from the air, it is becoming heavier and slammed the side began to descend the day. Is the humidity in the different between the two weight metrics. < / p > now scientists use a called & # 39; 干湿表” The instrument is relative humidity. ” 干湿表” Caused by two thermometer tied together. A thermometer bubble was encased in material soaked with water. Began to measure relative humidity to turn psychrometer brigade until covered in thermometer to maintain a stable temperature, the temperature must be lower than the stem of the thermometer. In the different between the two temperature called the & # 39; 湿, bulbdepression” Is the result of evaporation of water from the material. Scientists recorded the temperature of the low dry thermometer and & # 39; 湿, bulbdepression” , and then make a chart, to calculate the relative humidity. This is the original of psychrometer < / p > the humidity in the air for production and living, and health of the human body and its important influence and role, reasonable adjust the humidity of life or living environment, is good for daily life. < / p > chaozhou li electronic light night light socket, independent design production convenient understanding of air humidity and reasonable application of daily life, welcome to consult. < / p > post: li electric light a night light ea - gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p >
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