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The student special of shallow the desk lamp that shield an eye

by:Guangli     2020-04-17
Today we are going to learn is the desk lamp that shield an eye. Due to human evolution in primitive society have adapted to natural light, as a result, the desk lamp that shield an eye the more close to natural light, the eye. But we all know that lamp is usually used in the evening, cold light can help students/overtime dog concentration, rising power rating. Any cold light affects melatonin secretion, will affect the quality of sleep. Take the desk lamp that shield an eye, yellow light to help you sleep, but most parents do not want students homework time drowsy. 4000 k is the same both health and learning power lamp color temperature. Student desk lamp of some color is equal to 95 ra, nearly more than 90 ra. Color rendering index Ra> 95, can real reduction objects in the natural light colour. Even under the lights, should distinguish the difference between blue and black, let the student see more true colors. Choose normal giant 【 Light li 】 Produce high color rendering LED light source, and control the color temperature may not be greater than 6000 k, blue don't have to worry about. The lower color temperature, blu-ray proportion is lower; Full spectrum purple light excitation technique set production LED light blue than blue LED light source is low. Students work desk lamp color temperature in 3600 - is a suggested alternative 4000 k, one thousand students easy to nod off, can choose 4000 - Color temperature of 5000 k. Comprehensive described above, we need to know what's the desk lamp that shield an eye have some. The safe use of the desk lamp that shield an eye is generally have the following points: 1, low glare design; 2, national AA level of illuminance standard; 3, no stroboscopic, and through the EMC, EMI certification power 4, and spectrum close to natural light, and sunlight spectrum approximates to the desk lamp of the eye.
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