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The use of students reading lamp

by:Guangli     2020-04-22
We all know that local lighting, desk lamp mainly provides us with the student desk lamp is dedicated to their children to do homework most of the consumers, so we in the use of students how to use some of the attention off the lamps. 1. Student desk lamp irradiation area light brightness and uniformity to conform to the actual situation with the eye, this for a long time, close your eyes, Such as read/write) That is particularly important. It should be pointed out that, different situation with the eye, Such as general activities, leisure reading, read and write) , for the target area of light intensity and uniformity is different, have detailed numerical provisions in gb. However, the desk lamp that shield an eye of light source type, the power of light source, light source and the shapes of the lampshade, not easy to control the target area of actual brightness and uniformity. For the brightness of the light and uniformity, because general visual subjective, big deviation. So, adjust the light, should use eye photometric brightness monitoring tools such as. 2. Avoid the lamp holder of dazzling glare and reflective for illumination, and they have obvious damage to the eyes. After turn on the light, to adjust the lamp holder height, let the brightness of the target area is roughly right; Visually and then fine-tuning the illuminate of lamp holder Angle, no glare and reflections, improve target area light evenness. Photometric measurement, if the center of the exposure area and before and after, left, right four edge location of the light brightness levels are basically the same, so the area light uniformity is good. We give their children to buy student desk lamp, be sure to clear the student desk lamp use matters needing attention, to avoid problems and brings to the child health problems.
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