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The use of USB lamp way and the method

by:Guangli     2020-05-03
USB lamp, frankly speaking, it is miniature lamps, light and portable. USB lamp use way and the production method is relatively simple, we can recycle can make a belongs to own USB lamp, because USB lamp was independent of the USB interface, can be directly connected to the computer, the charger socket connection, etc. USB lamp made of soft lamplight, there are usually two switch, can adjust the brightness. USB lamp on computer USB connection will not take up a lot of space, and very save electricity, because the USB interface on the computer can provide external access equipment 5 volts of electricity, a current of 500 ma. This USB desk lamp is very suitable for students' family and children and workers. In life, we have to use some spare time to add a bit of interest. Light li learned that made the USB lamp can be lasting bright luminous lighting provided for oneself, and the method of making this USB lamp is very simple, we can also add for it after completed all kinds of DIY chimney, let USB lamp in your efforts and DIY chimney effect is better! Below is made by light beautiful clever way to explain the method of making the USB lamp for you. First of all, we need to prepare some before making USB lamp will use tools: 1. General circuit board 2. Resistance 3. Light-emitting diode ( 领导) 4. Soldering iron 5. Solder 6. Sandpaper 7. Pliers tools ready, we will be coming to the big time, make their own USB lamp. Break out on the first step: from general PCB board containing four outlets, with circuit board fracture of sand paper burnish. Step 2: prepare a light-emitting diode ( 领导) And resistance, and then put them with the circuit board welding. The third step: let's go the way of welding line. First turn on the diode ( 领导) Welding and resistance of the pin on the first and the second line in the circuit board, circuit board on the two ends of the left line with solder coating line. To note here is that between each adjacent lines, can not short sub. Above operation after welding such as weak welding will be a problem, I believe that everyone made USB lamp into the electricity should be no problem, and finally the rest you need to do, is to give the USB lamp do a shell or chimney, etc. Know more about the light, focus on the USB lamp manufacture firsthand information!
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