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The world's first hot air balloon maglev lights let desk lamp can have high pretend bility

by:Guangli     2020-05-12
< P > elegant and comfortable lighting can bring life and working environment of beauty to enjoy. The lamp is the maglev balloon modelling in the first paragraph of the lamp in the world. Can be up to 20 mm floating in the air. < / P > < P > basket filled with warm light, can use the toggle switch to easily open and close. By placed at the bottom of the light source inside the electromagnet, and its unique design, it not only can float in the air, but also can be fast or slow rotation. < / P > < P > the power base is made from hardwood manual polishing material, make the whole look very dignified. < / P > < P > early bird price is 130 pounds, or about less than 1200 yuan. Is scheduled for delivery in January 2018. < / P >
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