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Three principles for the purchase of lighting fixtures

by:Guangli     2020-07-17
In the past in the home decoration, the purchase of lamps is also a very important part. In the face of the multitude of luminaire brands on the market, all of them are dazzled. Today, Guanglilai tells you the three principles of purchasing lighting fixtures. 1. Purchase according to the clear demand Each family has different cultural levels, hobbies, occupations, social objects, and economic strength. Therefore, the choice of their room decoration and lighting fixtures also has different styles due to different actual conditions. However, the purpose of decoration is basically the same, that is, economical and practical, beautiful and elegant, easy to operate, safe and reliable. Therefore, when choosing to purchase lamps and implement lighting lamps, the following aspects need to be dealt with. (1) The relationship between general lighting and local lighting People are accustomed to having a 'main body light' for general lighting in a room, and most of them are installed in the center of the room with pendant lights or ceiling lights. In addition, set up wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, etc. as 'auxiliary lamps' as needed for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The so-called 'main light' and 'auxiliary light' are relatively speaking, under certain conditions, the function will also be replaced. For example, if the floor height of the room is less than 2.5M, and the area is not large, it is not appropriate to install lights in multiple layers, especially large chandelier. One or two beautiful wall lamps can play the role of general lighting and decoration. Study at night and work with table lamps. Table lamp covers are made of translucent plastic. The diffused light on the upper part can also meet the needs of lighting. (2) Principles for determining the style of cloth lamps People have different styles when deciding to place lights due to different cultural levels, hobbies, ages, and occupations. Therefore, the setting of lighting fixtures should be based on the actual situation, and according to personal preferences, you can get the specific style and effect of lighting. (3) Occupation Lamp requirements for different occupations: those who are engaged in mental work generally love quiet, like reading books, designing drawings, researching information, etc. They need a variety of lighting fixture settings, table lamps are convenient for work, floor lamps are helpful for reading, and bedside lamps are for reading Newspaper information. 2. Choose and buy according to age Requirements for different ages of lighting: Due to age differences, they also have different standards for lighting fixtures: (1) The elderly The living habits of the elderly are simple, love is quiet, and the color and shape of the lamps used should set off the elegant and elegant style of the elderly. The main body lamp can be combined with palace-shaped pendant lamp or ceiling lamp by unit. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, a low light long light can be placed on the bedside. (2) Middle-aged Middle-aged people are the mainstay of the family and the backbone of their career. They strive to be simple and bright in the decoration and color. The cloth lamp should not only reflect the personality, but also reflect the style of the main body, such as the use of a rotary arm table lamp or a floor lamp to facilitate learning and work. (3) Young people Young people should highlight new, strange, and unique lighting fixtures. The main light should show personality, be creative and bright. The wall lamp requires love as the theme, and the light source needs to be warm and romantic (especially for girls) (4) Children It is best for children's lighting fixtures to be unpredictable, highlighting an oddity, increasing children's imagination, and conducive to intellectual development. The shape and color of lighting should not only reflect the childlike interest, but also be conducive to the healthy growth of children. The main lamp strives for simplicity and clarity. A simple chandelier or ceiling lamp can be used. The light on the work desk should be bright and animal-shaped table lamps can be used. However, attention should be paid to ensuring the illumination. Because the children are curious and active, the lighting is absolutely safe and reliable. . 3. Purchase according to home use (1) Lighting of foyer, lobby, corridor Hallways, lobbies, and corridors are the places people must pass by. They are the first impressions when entering the room. They are also one of the overall standards of interior decoration. For the entrance halls, lobbies, and corridors, small spherical lamps are generally used. Or square ceiling lamp, its specification, size and size should match the living room. Sometimes spotlights are also installed at the door. The entrance hall and corridor lights should be the main and the second, and the lobby is the hall of the public building. Its lighting is very important. The lighting fixture is often one of the iconic decorations. It should be decorated grandly and luxuriously. . (2) Living room lighting The living room has a large parlor and a home living room. The large parlor is mainly composed of mixed cloth lamps and reflects the luxurious and exquisite ethnic style. We will not introduce it in detail here. We will use the home living room lighting as an explanation for readers' reference. The living room is the central area for family members' activities and is also a place to receive relatives and friends. The lighting cannot be sloppy, it must be carefully designed and arranged. The ideal design is: the number and brightness of lighting fixtures are adjustable, so that the family style is fully displayed. Generally, a combination of general lighting and local lighting is used, that is, one main lamp, and other auxiliary lighting fixtures. Such as: wall lights, down lights, spot lights, etc. As far as the main lighting is concerned, if the living room height is about 3M, it is better to use mid-range luxury chandeliers; if the floor height is below 2.5M, it is better to use mid-range decorative ceiling lamps or no main lights; if the floor height exceeds 3.5M in the living room , You can choose high-grade, slightly larger chandelier or ceiling light. (3) Bedroom lighting The main function of the bedroom is to rest, but it is not a single sleeping area. In most homes, the bedroom is also a place for makeup and clothes storage, and also a place to rest briefly after work. To take advantage of the multiple uses of the bedroom, the lighting decoration must be carefully designed. The choice of lamp shape and color should be based on creating a quiet and warm atmosphere; if you want to create a bedroom as a romantic or charming little world, you must use soft and beautiful lighting. The lighting method should be indirect or diffuse. For indoor indirect lighting, the color of the ceiling should be light, and the effect of reflected light is good. If small, low-wattage spotlights are used for lighting, the ceiling should be dark, which can create a romantic and sensual atmosphere. (4) Kitchen lighting Kitchen lighting requires high brightness, because lighting is also important to the appearance of food, it can affect people's appetite; because people spend longer in the kitchen, the lighting should be comfortable and attractive, which can improve Passion for making food. In general kitchen lighting, an embedded or semi-embedded astigmatic ceiling light is installed above the operating table, and the embedded mask is made of transparent glass or transparent plastic. In this way, the ceiling is simple and reduces the trouble caused by dust and oil stains. A range hood is generally installed above the hob, and there are invisible small incandescent lamps in the hood for the hob to illuminate. If the kitchen doubles as a dining room, a single-hood single-fire lifting or single-layer multi-fork chandelier can be set above the dining table. The light source should be warm-colored incandescent lamps, and cold-colored fluorescent lamps should not be used.
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