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Tiffany Desk Lamp - 3 Important Tips to Buying

by:Guangli     2020-08-13
As Tiffany desk lamps are proving extremely popular there are numerous companies around who are trying to cash in on this. So as a result there are a lot of lamps being marketed as being a genuine Tiffany one but which in fact are complete fakes. So how does one determine that the lamp that they are just about to buy is actually a genuine Tiffany one or not? Below we take a look at some of the things that will help you to determine if the Tiffany desk lamp you are going to be spending money on is the genuine article or not. 1. Quality of Materials Used And How Well It Is Constructed - When it comes to the fake types you will find that the glass used is very low grade. Plus the actual soldering carried out to join the various pieces of colored glass together will not be tidy. Also the base of these lamps will tend to be made from pot metal rather than a high quality one such as brass. 2. Has Antiquing Been Applied To The Shade - Unfortunately this is something that you won't be able to inspect online. But if you can you must carefully inspect the shade to see whether the grime or dust covering the shade has been applied to the surface. The only way of determining if this is the situation is by taking a cotton bud (Q-tip) and dipping it in some acetone (nail polish remover) then wipe it over the surface of the glass. If the dirt and grime is genuine then of course it will come off. However, look also to see if any of the color from the glass is transferred as this is another sign that the Tiffany desk lamp you are considering purchasing is not the genuine article. 3. Is The Maker's Mark Even -Not every genuine desk lamp produced by Tiffany will have a mark on the shade but will have one on its base. However a great many companies who are producing counterfeit versions of the Tiffany desk lamp are ensuring that they place a maker's mark on theirs. But there is still away of you being able to determine if the item you are about to buy is the genuine article or not. When you do look at the maker's mark on a genuine lamp the letters and numerals should be on one line and they should be of the same height.
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