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Touch the desk lamp design principle and the analysis of common failures

by:Guangli     2020-05-11
Desk lamp custom manufacturer' Light li 】 The touch lamp production has become the mainstream of modern and needs, can simple/easy/convenient without trival, need to adjust the brightness/darker touch point which point, eliminating the tedious a programme to cut the time of light. Touch lamp is beautiful and has brought life increase the three-dimensional enjoy leap. Touch lamps mainly did not open the key, the advantages of the use of time by the body's touch-sensitive, indirect according to oneself to like, by completing the open, dimmer, close to the user use has brought great convenience. Circuit design principle of the touch lamp is made of human body induction signal in power circuit controlled, breaking the circuit conduction, and the load of bulb or tube power supply, make the lamp by the weak / / began to close in four working state, to achieve the purpose of the dimmer. Then we touch lamps in use process will appear some fault? The answer is yes. Each product will have some unable to anticipate failures, let's for example according to the situation. Touch lamps often appear the fault vibration caused by fault, normally we just lightly touch when touch the lamp is ok, if there is a naughty child is home gently touch that are likely to be violent blow, kroc-a people to touch, and may vibrate, so will often appear light bulb broken wires, so want to try to avoid these problems. And the touch lamp integration block feet desoldering generated by the vibration fault, if produce foot desoldering, can make the touch lamp power switch off and stop work or signal, can cause the light bulb not bright. So to check the integrated block feet desoldering. This kind of problem in life there are many, the next 【 Light li 】 Will update again! Looking forward to your attention.
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