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Two countries for LED bulbs and small night light safety compulsory certification

by:Guangli     2020-05-01
Yesterday, reporters learned from inspection and quarantine departments, Australia, New Zealand standards released by the AS/NZS 4417. '12 electronic electrical products compliance fourth edition revised standard A4 signs: 2017. The revised extended control product list, redrawing the safe level of some products, also update the definition of some products. It is important to note that the revision will be LED lights, such as the small night light 6 products new to compulsory certification product range. Standard regulation, June 1, 2018, into the Australian market LED bulbs and small night lights, and other products must apply for mandatory safety certification ( The SAA certification) 。 According to introducing, Australia SAA international company is Australia's only standard certification body. Whether imported or local assembly of electrical products in Australia, before entering the Australian market sales, must first through the Australian international standard authentication of the company. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind export to Australia related production enterprises of lamps and lanterns: to attach importance to the Australian electronic electrical products standard revision, to study the new standard, to do a good job of dealing with technical trade measures, accomplish know fairly well.
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