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Uncle Milton Moon In My Room - Why You Have To Have One

by:Guangli     2020-07-11
The ultimate room accessory is a Moon In My Room from Uncle Milton. They make the finishing touch to a space themed bedroom, they provide a relaxing glow to fall asleep to, the ultimate nightlight. As well as being pretty cool it is educational too. Adults have been said to be fascinated by it, so they are not just for kids rooms. Teachers use them with all ages from preschool to university. The moon itself has been designed from a lightweight plastic to authentically recreate a 3D landscape depicting the moon's surface including craters. This feature makes it an excellent teaching tool when you are trying to explain that the moon's surface is not flat - for a lot of people being able to touch relief features makes them seem all the more real. Really useful for students who are tactile or sensory learners. From a non-educational point of view it just looks pretty cool too. The Moon can be easily hung on a wall with the fittings on the reverse. You may want to consider hanging it out of reach of small children. Although a good point to note is not too high so you can still reach to turn of the master power switch or change the batteries. Speaking of batteries, when purchasing you will need to get batteries for the moon as these are not included. I would always recommend using rechargeable batteries as they will save you money. The infra-red remote is an excellent feature of the Moon In My Room allowing you to control your moon from the warmth and comfort of your own bed. The smallest button is the power on/off, the largest button allows you to manually click through the 12 main lunar phases or press the third button once and sit back and relax as the moon cycles through its phases on automatic. The simple three button operation is easy enough for young children to work. As the remote is quite small though there is the potential for it to get lost - so perhaps attaching a little Velcro to the back would be an excellent idea. Accompanying the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room is an educational 15 minute audio CD providing the listener with a guided tour of the moon. Another excellent feature of this toy from Uncle Milton is the auto shut off feature allowing you to fall asleep to the moon whilst saving battery life, as it shuts off automatically after you or your child has drifted off into a peaceful slumber.
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