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Usb charging desk lamp

by:Guangli     2020-05-02
Speaking of usb lamp we will think of portable belt, it's better than the torch. Mainly is most usb lamp is miniature, and the usb interface of this desk lamp is independent, can be directly link socket of mainframe computers. Usb lamp light is downy, can adjust the brightness, for some students and office workers children is very worth having a look at the small electronic products. Because the usb lamp won't take up too much space. The last time a friend asked me a usb lamp is a usb interface, plug for charging that whether can use cell phone? Is ok in theory, but consider what is ma. Usb lamp LED the working voltage of about 3 v, each dot around 20 ma current, usb interface provided by the voltage is 5 v, current 500 ma. So judgment can be charged, but is likely to be power cuts, is filled with filling the stopped, this depends on the situation of the resistance. Usb lamp generally charge time is about eight to ten hours, not more than 15 hours. And some products are not necessarily, may see the above specification details. Usb lamp is with leds ( LightEmittingDiode) The desk lamp of the light-emitting diode as light source, with lithium battery and usb charging function, the LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light. Some people like to use the usb lamp electric finished until then recharging it when you are going to use it. Usb lamp light life is compared commonly, if it is not because the excess voltage or short circuit, generally will not burn out if need to replace the light source ( Light pipe) , be sure to reference desk lamp assembly for the specified parameters of the usb, and don't go to change structure. Usb lamp around there can be no moisture, dust and impurities, such as have found that clean up in time. Try not to over and over again when applying usb lamp switch, it can greatly shorten the service life of the usb lamp. Protect the usb lamp battery, if need to replace please select qualified products. In the usb lamp battery recharged when finished quickly, do not run out of electricity, and then filling, please stay in xiao yu battery recharging. If long time don't have to, but after a period of time the charging time, on the ground of deposit must be put in wet places. The above is the usb charging situation of desk lamp, have what problem can be directly to find the light, a professional custom production usb the desk lamp of desk lamp custom processing factory.
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