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USB lamp can protect your eyes?

by:Guangli     2020-05-04
Since USB lamp has a certain market, nor any desk lamp factory produces many USB lamp principle of work as common desk lamp, the USB lamp belongs to low inferior LED desk lamp were improved, there is the harm of blue light, so we in the choose and buy USB lamp must take more attention to. As to whether the USB lamp can protect your eyes, that depends on tubes, which basically has nothing to do with USB, USB is just a provide power supply, interface if you are using three colors without flash bulbs, basically does not hurt the eyes. But this is basically, in fact any unnatural light to the eyes have hurt the most useful time shorter. Another situation is the USB lamp is had adjust, now on the market sell USB lamp, in addition to some unscrupulous lamp manufacturers, generally normal lamp manufacturer has the function of protecting our eyes, not just because of using the LED light source, but the USB stroboscopic lamp, more than the eye can capture the frequency, the USB lamp, so it usually will not cause harm to people's eyes, but in the case of use for a long time, eyes produce acidity, also is inevitable. Relatively speaking, the use of USB lamp method is simpler, most belong to the miniature, has the independent USB interface, and the USB lamp will not take up a lot of space, and very save electricity, very suitable for students and office workers.
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