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USB lamp manufacturer about the difference between common desk lamp light source

by:Guangli     2020-05-04
Don't know dear reader have learned a little, it is at our in USB lamp manufacturers buy desk lamp, the desk lamp of common light source, there are a lot of kinds, respectively is: the incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, fluorescent energy-saving lamps, LED lights, etc. We want to know about is the LED desk lamp light appearance and the function and the change of name of diversification, but the essence remains the same. So we know what are the desk lamp of common light source, also need to know these lamp light source main differences. A: spectrum ( The composition of the light) Continuous, the spectra incandescent lamp/halogen lamp is best, the most close to natural light, fluorescent bulbs second, relatively less leds ( But in improving) ; Second: the light stability ( Stroboscopic) LED lamp is best, fluorescent bulbs second, halogen lamp, again incandescent lamp relative difference some, but also fully available ( The stroboscopic smaller than old-fashioned fluorescent lamp) ; Three: incandescent color/halogen lamp is best, fluorescent bulbs second, LED to a lower ( In the improved) ; Four: incandescent light bulbs, color temperature/halogen lamp color temperature is constant, about 2800 k, belongs to the warm white, and the fluorescent energy-saving lamps and the LED color temperature points warm white ( Simulation of the incandescent lamp/halogen lamp color temperature) , is white, cold white three categories; Five: LED lights the most energy saving of energy efficiency, fluorescent energy-saving lamps is second, halogen Lantern Festival can effect is poorer, incandescent lamp is the least energy saving; In all these characteristics of desk lamp light source, and the light stability is the most factors associated with the eye. Color is important for professionals, but for home lighting, the impact is not big, but now light source color rendering index is generally not low, > 80, except for some LED lights) 。 Relationship between color temperature and the health of the eyes is not big, but had significant effect on the feeling to the person's psychology, such as warm white to let a person feel hot in summer, let a person feel warm in the winter; Let a person feel cool in summer and cold white, let a person feel cold in the winter. Of course this is only a psychological feeling, this is clearly not the case! General household environment, color temperature & lt; 5300 is sure no problem. In addition, because the lamp power is not big, accounting for the proportion of electricity is very small, so you can ignore the factors of energy efficiency. From the point of current technology development stage, incandescent although spectrum is good, but because of low efficiency, has been basically eliminated, Except special industries) ; Halogen lamp spectrum is very good, improvement of energy efficiency, so there are many applications ( Especially the high-end occasions) ; Fluorescent bulbs of various features are compromise, to the public widely accepted; LED lights in still has many problems, but its low cost and high efficiency, should be the mainstream in the future. The USB lamp manufacturer Light li 】 Is the porter lamp information, where there is a good article to find, the desk lamp of hope that we can learn more knowledge.
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