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Usb power enough when travel desk lamp?

by:Guangli     2020-05-03
Usb lamp is a lamp on the market popular creative desk lamp, portable, low power consumption, and beautiful appearance, color style is more diverse. Is a essential artifact or along trip. Usb lamp is to use battery to maintain power, electricity can be said to be relatively more durable, generally in 5 or 7 alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries also called alkaline batteries, alkaline zinc manganese batteries, alkaline manganese battery, is the performance of the varieties of zinc manganese battery series. Suitable for big to put power and long time use, the battery internal resistance is low, so the electric current to generate a general manganese battery is great, and environmental mercury content only 0. 025% without recycling. Alkaline batteries are successful high capacity battery, and is one of the performance of the battery. The capacity of the battery unit is ma. As 600 ma capacity of the battery, in shed 100 ma electricity use, can use 6, if shed 600 ma electricity use, you can use one. Related to your current size of lamps and lanterns, The size of the bulb wattage) General charging LED lights probably around 200 ma, the use of the current and actual is inserted in the above 220 v mains, lighting the charging at the same time. Time is not computed ( Like a leaking while receiving water bucket) And the poor quality of most of the battery, no battery protection circuit, when the battery life of end, can't be used rechargeable lights. Of course we when choosing desk lamp, not only consider the usb lamp battery problem, we must first consider the lamp light can meet the requirements of your reading. Now the mainstream of the reading desk lamp that shield an eye is led, and is not expensive under fifty more than one hundred and fifty can buy very good. If it is to send people with creative desk lamp according to receive the gift to the style and pattern of the room. Recommendations are European and American pastoral style led desk lamp and usb creative desk lamp. Give people the desk lamp of delicate and creative appearance beautiful is more expensive two hundred piece not elaborate.
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