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USB small fan, essentials for the summer, you today?

by:Guangli     2020-04-04
Quiet summer night, one Internet unavoidably some lonely and stuffy. At this time if I can have so a dual function of mini desk lamp beside lit, and a blow gently cool wind blowing, then how nice! Top warm light, cool wind blow gently, light the small desk lamp is the most attractive place is very small, and using USB power supply, the most suitable for laptop users. As long as the desk lamp of the USB line insert USB interface of the laptop, you can at the same time enjoy the bright and soft LED lights and cool wind blow gently. Fan and lights have independent control switch. The most intimate, and this gadget is on the base provides a USB2. 0 interface, 'released' the desk lamp of USB ports, it serves to show the designer's careful and thoughtful. < / p > if you are in summer 'sweat' families of the palms sweat easily compatriots, you must have experience greatly, if use computer for long, often should not only take paper towel wipe your palms, keyboard keys will be wet, really bad. Now have this keyboard with USB fan, such trouble is solved. This strange keyboard in the palm rest position installed three small fan, is also through the computer USB port power supply, can guarantee the computer boot mode with persistent cool wind blowing from down to up, let his hands to keep dry. Of course, a control switch on the keyboard, can turn off the fan when you don't need. If it could add warm wind function, typing this winter, fingers will not not seem cold and hard. < / p > sharp-eyed friends must see at a glance, some USB fan 2 'legs' are two USB interface is designed. So the practicability of this fan is expanding computer USB interface, especially suitable for notebook PC. Although the fan itself takes up a USB interface, but in fact you can get three more USB interface, and the fan blowing, modelling also pretty neat, on the computer on the desk is absolutely eye-catching. < / p > < p > chaozhou light li electronics specializing in the production of mini USB charging fan, modelling is novel, convenient and practical. Welcome consulting < / p > < p > post: li electric light a night light ea - gl。 com

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