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Wall Lights Through The Ages: What Are Your Wall

by:Guangli     2020-06-23
Wall lights have been a landmark in home lighting now for hundreds of years. From the time that man first placed a blazing torch into an iron-forged cone mounted on castle walls, wall light fittings have been at the forefront of practicality, functionality and style in the home decor domain. Today the array of designs and finishes on the market are just about endless. From the modern and contemporary to the classic and traditional, you can even find amazingly stylish replicas of the castle lights that started it all, minus the flames! Things have indeed progressed greatly since those humble beginnings. The list of benefits for fitting wall lights in your home is twice as long as the design choice you have in front of you, the obvious upside being in the regard of style. Having a light wired up on the wall that matches your ceiling light fitting or a piece of furniture will go a long way toward showing your guests that you have a knack for interior design and an eye for style. Some of the lighting ranges available today actually include matching wall lights in their range to go with ceiling light fittings among others, which is ideal for when you are starting a new lighting plan for a room from scratch. Aside from the aesthetic advantages that the addition of wall fixtures can have around your home, these fittings also bring the appealing yet complex topic of accent lighting to the table. Accent lighting, when executed correctly, can have a dramatic effect on not just a home's lighting but its overall ambience. When you get deeper into the issue of measuring light, wall fittings can be effective and powerful allies and are perhaps the best source of accent light. There is also a variety of fixtures to choose from in regard to their functionality. Do you want a single wall light, a dual or even a triple light? And what about flush mounted wall light, candle and chandelier style wall fixtures? And of course let's not forget, switched or unswitched? Choosing a wall light fitting can be a very long and painstaking journey, however the results can be greatly beneficial to your home's decor. Be sure to weigh up all your options before choosing the right fixture and get the advice of a qualified electrician about fitting to ensure you will be satisfied with your purchase and that your design vision will become a reality after all your hard work.
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