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Waste materials custom processing production USB lamp

by:Guangli     2020-05-12
We usually like to throw away something bad or useless appliances, but its role can also be secondary to use, of course some spare trouble and others as fun to make their favorite things. Usually broken appliances, had better not to lose, we can spare to make their favorite things, like light li, know about the lamp after particularly interested in the industry, ask the light of professionals and his own ideas, so the light li made the following bold how to use the old material custom processing production process of USB lamp, was very successful, let's learn. First, we need to prepare some tools and scrap materials: a, preparing tools: 1. Soldering iron suite 2. Hair dryer. 3. Glue stick a gun ready to cast material goods: 1. Abandoned a mouse and USB line ( Abandoned the mouse comes with) 2. Carbon ink 2 ( Used) 3. Carbon barrel (1 Abandoned) 4. LED5 5. The little switch 1 6. Resistance (1 About 200 & Omega; ) 7. The counterweight iron 2 pieces of eight. 2 the root (enameled wire 30 cm) Let's start to operate! First step: first of all, the waste carbon brush pot cut 5 cm short do chimney, the good points of plus or minus five LED level in parallel on do chimney; ( I am using two enameled wire connection) The second step: use a glue stick gun cover moldings, use hair dryer blow the glue evenly; Step 3:2 root used carbon ink to pull head will clean inside, use a core head ( Pull steel-toed) Compared the two core link. And then use hair dryer to heat, bent out of shape; Step 4: put lamp holder which leads to the two wires into the cartridge, the lamp holder with a glue stick a gun and ink stick. On the other side of the cartridge to the end of the stick in the mouse; Step 5: pass the inside take out, the mouse on the back cover to dig a small hole, fitted with the switch. The mouse drill a small hole on the rear base, stick USB cable. And wiring, to pass through the switch to USB black LED the positive. String resistance USB line to connect the LED the cathode. Finally fitted counterweight iron; ( I am using an adjustable resistor, the circuit board useless) Step 6: assembly, USB interface is successful, the effect is good. We learn together!
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