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What Advantages Do LED Light Bulbs Have Over Traditional

by:Guangli     2020-08-01
LED light bulbs were earlier found only in specialty stores and their use in general was quite restricted. However, people have started identifying the advantages of these bulbs for general usage at homes and offices. Besides, the use of these bulbs in exhibition halls, retail stores and street lighting is getting encouraged with the passage of time. Earlier, LED lights were not considered for all these purposes, owing to their expensive price tags. Today, the prices of these lights have gone down a bit and there are many advantages that help one overlook the cost factor. Here are some of these advantages that have made LED bulbs and lights popular over traditional lighting arrangements. Reduced Power Consumption LED light bulbs consume lesser power than incandescent bulbs as well as compact fluorescent lights. These bulbs may cost higher initially, but low power consumption indeed makes them the cost-effective solution. One can expect the electricity bill to reduce considerably with the use of LED bulbs. High Energy Efficient Even at low power consumption, the LED bulbs are regarded as more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts. This is because these bulbs are capable of emitting more amount of light per watt of power. As a result, they further contribute towards cost saving advantage. More Life Due to lower power consumption and higher energy efficiency, LED light bulbs have more life than different traditional bulbs and lights. It is indeed an amazing fact that LED bulbs have life span of more than 30,000 hours while incandescent bulbs are usable only for 1,000 hours. LED bulbs can operate for as long as 20 years without the need of replacement. This is yet another advantage that makes these bulbs highly cost-effective solutions. Safe and Environment Friendly Another advantageous aspect of LED lights is that they are safe not only for humans, but also for the environment. Firstly, they don't have filaments which are present in incandescent bulbs. As a result, there is no possibility of burning out of LED bulbs. Another important thing to note is that it is difficult to dispose compact fluorescent lights because of mercury present in them. There is no mercury or any other toxic material present inside the LED light bulbs. As a result, disposing off the faded out LED bulbs is not difficult and it doesn't damage environment in any way. Additionally, there is no risk of UV light emission from these bulbs, which make them popular for use at homes and offices. Available in Huge Variety LED lights and bulbs are available in different shapes, sizes and colors which make them much more exciting arrangements for lighting. One can find them installed at night clubs, shopping malls and various entertainment venues. Moreover, they are highly acclaimed by corporate houses for advertising and business promotions. Despite of their availability in huge variety, the modern LED bulbs can be installed in regular fittings. Buyers of LED light bulbs no more consider the price of these bulbs, as they are attracted by the advantages that these bulbs and lights offer. A good variety of LED bulbs definitely attract a huge number of home and office owners.
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