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What are the types of indoor lamps?

by:Guangli     2020-07-16
chandelier All hanged lamps fall into the category of chandelier. No matter whether the pendant lamp is hung by wire or iron, it cannot be hung too short, which hinders people's normal sight or makes people feel dazzling. Taking the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal height is to form a pool of lights on the dining table, but it will not hinder the sight of everyone on the table. At present, the chandelier suspension has been equipped with springs or height adjusters, which can be adapted to different heights of the floor and needs. Ceiling light It is a kind of luminaire. As the name implies, the top of the luminaire is relatively flat, and the bottom is completely attached to the roof during installation, so it is called a ceiling lamp. Light sources include ordinary white bulbs, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, halogen lamps, LEDs, etc. At present, the top line of the market is led ceiling lights, which are often used in homes, offices, entertainment venues and other places. wall lamp It is an auxiliary lighting decorative lamp installed on the indoor wall, usually with milky white glass lampshade. The power of the light bulb is mostly around 15-40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can embellish the environment elegantly and richly, especially for newly-married rooms. There are many types and styles of wall lamps, such as common ceiling lamps, color-changing wall lamps, bedside wall lamps and mirror front wall lamps. Downlight Downlights generally have a screw cap and can be directly fitted with incandescent or energy-saving lamps. Downlight is a type of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. Its larger feature is that it can maintain the overall unity and integrity of architectural decoration, and will not destroy the complete unity of the ceiling art because of the installation of lamps. This recessed light fixture embedded in the ceiling, all light is projected downward, which is a direct light distribution. Different reflectors, lenses, blinds, and bulbs can be used to achieve different lighting effects. Downlights do not occupy space, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to reduce the pressure on the space. Generally used in hotels, families, cafes. table lamp It is a kind of lamp. This electrical appliance is mainly placed on a writing desk or dining table for lighting. The bright illumination range of the desk lamp is relatively small and concentrated, so it will not affect the light of the entire room. The effect is limited to the desk lamp, which is convenient for reading, learning and saving energy.
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