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What are the types of lighting

by:Guangli     2020-07-16
When the type of lighting constructs a small family home, the clever design of lighting and the magical use of light and shadow are very important. Because the different lighting in the living room is glorious, it will create a different atmosphere. The lamps commonly used in family rooms can be divided into the following types according to their functions and layout: chandelier: There are multi-head chandeliers and single-head chandeliers. The former is used in the living room and the latter is used in the bedroom or dining room. Some put the light bulb in the milky white lampshade to make the light scattered softly, and some with the mouth facing down, the light directly illuminates the room and looks bright and bright. There is also a hood with the face up, the light shining on the ceiling, and then reflecting down, in order to spread the light evenly, the brightness is slightly weaker and soft and pleasing to the eye. The multi-head chandelier has a variety of frosted glass shade lamps with various flower shapes. There are one layer and multiple layers. The colors are colorless, pure white, pink, light blue, light green, golden, milky white and crystal lights. Single head chandelier is mostly cream-white chandelier or flower pot-shaped chandelier. There is also a chandelier with adjustable serpentine tube, which has a large lampshade made of glass or plastic. The light bulb is placed in the hood. The lampshade has different shapes and different colors. It is often used to install on the roof above the dining table. table lamp: Used in bedroom bedside cabinets, low cabinets or study desks, with ever-changing shapes and colors. Generally divided into two types: craft desk lamp and writing desk lamp. The craft table lamp has glass polished flowers, ceramic glaze, cloisonne and plastic sprayed products, etc., emphasizing artistic modeling and decorative effects. The writing desk lamp includes metal snakeskin tube working desk lamp, clip spring swing arm suspension desk lamp, seat dimmable all-plastic desk lamp, seat dimmable enamel desk lamp, copper seat classical desk post trough single porcelain cover desk lamp, trough double Porcelain shade table lamp, classical candle table lamp, classic kerosene lamp table lamp, double lamp head and mother glass table lamp, etc. The function is for reading and writing. The lamp shade is mostly opaque or semi-transparent to make the light concentrated. Incandescent light bulbs should be used as much as possible, and low-wattage fluorescent tube lamps should not be used, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on human eyes. Ceiling light: Also called ceiling lamp, it is widely used in halls, aisles, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and other places. Ceiling light is suitable for low-end, ordinary decoration. The lampshade has two kinds of glass and PS plate, which are divided into milky white and ice flower styles, and the shape is square, long, round, spherical, cylindrical and so on. The luminosity is soft, uniform, flat and elegant. Downlight: Full Tibetan or semi-Tibetan downlights can be decorated on the roof, above the head of the bed, in the cabinet, on the wall, etc., and can also be hung, grounded, or suspended. Several rectangular and tube-shaped downlights can be installed on the ceiling of the entrance hall, living room and bedroom, glass recessed grooved downlights are installed in the bathroom, symmetrical downlights are installed on both sides of the bedroom bed, and light green covers are installed near the TV. wall lamp. The sculptural downlight is more like a work of art, and it has been loved by people in recent years. Rail spotlights: The rail spotlights made of pure white or off-white metal spray or enamel can be concentrated on a painting, a sculpture, a potted flower, and even the back of the swivel chair where the owner sits, which can best create a colorful artistic light and shadow effect. It can be used in the living room, hall, bedroom, or one, or more. The color, quantity, and location should be consistent with the color of the furniture. The height is usually 10-20 cm under the ceiling, or a corner of the corner. The function is not to use its lighting, but to focus on the decorative embellishment effect. The color of the lampshade is green on the outside, and the white grooved glass lampshade on the inside has a health care effect on the eyes. The black skin and the white lining metal enamel lampshade will gather the light and reflect the light on the writing desk, which is conducive to writing. The metal opaque lampshade and dark surroundings also help people concentrate.
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