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What Crompton Lighting Says About You

by:Guangli     2020-08-15
The Australian lighting company, Crompton Lighting has been around since 1878 when it was founded by Colonel Crompton in Great Britain. With that many years in the lighting business, it goes without saying that Crompton Lighting has a lot of choices when it comes to lights and lamps to brighten up any home, garden or office. Crompton has an array of table lamps for just about any desk or table in need of lighting. Table lamps are a personal choice, so which one you choose says a lot about you. Take for example Crompton Lighting's metallic table lamp with a pendant base and translucent blue shade that resembles a crumpled piece of plastic. It's the perfect table lamp for the owner of a modern loft in need of mood lighting. Or what about the Magnum angle-poise desk lamp with a built-in 3x magnifier and clamp base? If you saw it in someone's house, you'd have to figure it's owned by a coin or stamp collector who needs a better view of all those tiny objects that need studying. Or maybe if you spied Crompton Lighting's ball table lamp in a friend or relative's living room, you might assume they're a fan of 70s d?�cor, since the clear acrylic ball-shaped shade and chrome feet harken back to a groovier time. The flexi compact desk lamp with flexible goose neck is for the no-nonsense student who needs a basic table lamp in their dorm for those late night study sessions. But what if you're the type who is on the go a lot, or needs something more portable? Crompton Lighting has options, like the Studio student clamp lamp that has a sturdy clamp base but still looks stylish with a black flexible goose neck and metal shade. A whole new generation of lighting connoisseurs are embracing halogen as the way to go and once again Crompton Lighting has options like the Twin Flex 12V halogen desk lamp. If you know an executive with a stylish office then chances are this might be the lamp that's on their desk. Or maybe the 'Liza' is the halogen lamp for you if you like simplicity and sleekness and are looking to unclutter your life. Crompton Lighting has their eyes on the bedroom too, for the couple that needs basic but stylish lighting on both sides of the bed. The classic table lamp with satin chrome finish and square fabric shade can be matched by having two of the same color, or maybe the shade colors are different so no one ever forgets which side of the bed is theirs. The next time you go shopping for Crompton Lighting make sure to think about what the lamp you're getting says about you. Of course it needs to serve its purpose, but with so many choices from Crompton Lighting available both in stores and online, it makes sense to choose a lamp that has as much personality as you and the room it'll be lighting up.
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