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What is the difference between lighting and lights?

by:Guangli     2020-07-16
Lighting is very important in the family, so if there are lightings, many people will choose to buy lightings for decoration in order to increase the indoor effect. Many people will regard lightings and lightings as one item. In fact, this concept exists greatly There is a big difference between lighting and lamps. The lamps are mainly used for lighting to meet the needs of lighting. The design idea focuses on the practical functions of lighting (including creating a visual environment, limiting glare, etc.), rarely considering decorative functions, simple in shape, and strong in structure. The surface treatment does not pursue gorgeousness, but strives for a durable protective layer. True to its name, it is equipped for the light source as an instrument for people's lighting function. Lighting can be used for lighting, but its decoration is also important in addition to lighting. Generally require beautiful and exquisite design, such as (crystal lamp iron lamp modern minimalist style lamp). There is a saying in modern decoration that lighting is 'the first of the top ten soft outfits', because in addition to its beauty, the lighting can be adjusted to different scenes through the adjustment of different color temperatures. The design of lighting not only focuses on artistic shapes, but also takes into account the coordination, mutual support and coordination of the lamp type, color, light and environment, so as to achieve the effect of mutual reflection between the lamp and the environment. There is also a big difference in the price of lamps and lighting. For example, it is tens of dollars to directly install a bulb, but if you choose a lighting product, the price span will be very large. According to different materials, design styles, light sources, Control methods, R&D costs, and so on, prices will also vary from hundreds to thousands. Whether it is a lamp or lighting, its core function is for lighting, you can choose according to the needs of different scenarios, but you must choose a qualified product with guaranteed quality!
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