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What is the silk screen

by:Guangli     2020-04-02
Screen printing is through the screen mesh wash ink printing on substrates. It compared with convex, flat, concave printing, printing a broader, more advantages. Types of ink and substrate is used by more and more. < / p > 1, silk screen printing, it is not limited by the size and shape substrates, it can be in different shapes of molding and concave and convex surface printing. - - - - - - - - - - - - Layout of soft and elastic, it is the smallest a printing printing pressure. < / p > 2 details the thickness, adhesion, silk screen printing way. Thickness can be up to 30 - printing 100 microns, particularly strong hiding power, ink printing graphic stereo sense is strong, the other printing way incomparable ( Ink layer thickness can be controlled) 。 - - - - - - - - - - - - For various types of printing ink, its adaptability is strong, can adapt to any kind of coating printing, such as oily, water-borne, synthetic resin, powder is applicable to all kinds of printing ink, such as. As long as you can through the screen mesh fineness of printing ink and coating can be used. It can be monochrome printing, color printing can also be tinted and network. < / p > 3, its light resistance is strong, it can be easy way put light fastness pigments, fluorescent pigments in the ink, keep the printed graphic permanent gloss not suffer indignities, mild sun even can glow at night. < / p > 4, plate-making convenient, price cheap, flexible printing, diversity, technology easy to master. < / p > 5, silk screen printing process: the original - blank - silk screen version - printing - development - drying - printing - drying - inspection - > print < / p > < p > offset printing is a kind of lithography, speak very simple offset printing is the use of plastic leather ( Rubber cloth) The pattern on the plate is passed on to the substrates way of printing, it is the existence of rubber cloth, this way of printing. Rubber cloth plays an irreplaceable role in the printing, such as: it can is good enough to compensate for the uneven surface of the substrates, to transfer ink thoroughly, and it can reduce the water on the plate ( The role of water in printing see after) To pass on the substrates, and so on. Above is only a general concept, we often say now offset printing may be more narrow range, namely three roller ( Plate, rubber cloth, embossing) Way of lithography, in the south of our country calls this way of printing offset printing. < / p > < p > in fact, the printing press substrates to points can also according to substrates, the pad printing and heat transfer in concave ( Convex) Printing, screen printing as plate offset printing, which is the difference between the rough and smooth, the heat transfer is more flexible, can be used in the production of small, silk screen can be used in mass production quickly, but it requires the substrates is flat. < / p > < p > chaozhou xiang li electrical appliance factory specializing in the production of small night light light and night light, LED rechargeable small desk lamp socket. < / p > < p > < / p > article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com < p > < / p >
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