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Why Are LED Flashlights And Lanterns So Popular

by:Guangli     2020-07-29
A LED flashlight can be made very compact and lightweight because of the special light emitting diode used instead of the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Despite its small size, a single LED light bulb can be several times brighter than a regular filament bulb, yet consumes much lesser electricity and gives off lesser heat. For that reason, a LED lantern can be used for longer periods of time without changing batteries. You can find LED light bulbs in a number of colors, which makes them more versatile than other kinds of filament bulbs. You will find that a good LED lantern can be used in many situations such as indoor home use during blackouts, outdoors activities such as camping, hunting etc. A LED lantern generally diffuses the light emitted in all directions so as to brighten up the surrounding area where it is placed. The more LED light bulbs used, the brighter a lantern will be although the battery consumption will be correspondingly be higher. On the other hand, LED flashlights may be equipped with just 1 or 2 LED light bulbs to create a stronger light beam to illuminate a focused area. These can have a much further reach compared to lantern style LED lights. Small LED flashlights makes very good gifts. They are very affordable, lightweight and gives a strong light output despite being very small. They can be stashed in your car drawer or carried in your bag for emergency use. LED lanterns are powered using cell batteries and some can be used with rechargeable AA sized batteries for convenience. You can use them indoors without any safety issues compared to propane or gas lanterns. That is why many campers like to buy these non inflammable LED lanterns because they can be used inside tents. They do not give off heat like regular filament bulbs and are cool to the touch. That makes them suitable for kids to use. When you need a personal light source that can be clipped or attached to your body so that your hands are free, check out the LED headlamps or headlights. These are popular with hikers since they can continue walking through difficult paths using both hands while the LED head lamp illuminates the path in front. Remember that some cheaper LED flashlights or lanterns may not be waterproof and can only be used indoors. Check their product specifications before you buy for camping or hiking trips. You will not want to be disappointed because a cheap LED light breaks down in the middle of your camping trip.
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