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Why You Should Be Patient With LED Light Bulbs

by:Guangli     2020-07-29
There's no doubt about it, LED light bulbs are getting the most attention right now - at least when lighting technology is concerned. It's amazing how in just a few years, a wide variety of lighting technologies have been introduced to the general public, effectively giving them a good number of options to choose from. But LED light bulbs seem to be attracting the most attention from both consumers and lighting manufacturers alike. While compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are a huge improvement form incandescent light bulbs in terms of energy efficiency, they still have one major flaw: mercury. Each fluorescent bulb-regardless of which type-contains small traces of mercury, which are enough to cause harm to children and pets. The lighting quality of CFLs has also been criticized by a number of people, who claim that CFLs emit sickly, bluish glow, and a faint, but annoying hum. In contrast, LED light bulbs are completely safe, free of mercury and have a remarkably long lifespan-some bulbs are even rated to last up to 50,000 hours. Frequently switching them on and off doesn't affect their lifespan, unlike CFLs which eventually degrade. Above all, LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting solution on the market-other systems don't even come close. Their solid-state nature also means they're the most durable lighting solution, so they're a great choice for fixtures that you constantly flick on and off. In terms of savings, LEDs are a mix of this and that. They definitely cost more initially-expect to spend $40.00 for a 60-watt replacement-but they save you more over the long run. They're far more efficient per lumen than other alternative on the market, and the environmentalist inside of you will swell with pride knowing you're doing Mother Nature a favour by using LEDs. The good news though is that prices of LEDs are slowly, but steadily falling. While it will take some time for all hardware stores to carry LEDs for general purpose lighting, more and more manufacturers have now begun to churn out their own LED-based lighting systems. This increased influx of LED products into the market only mans that prices are only going to get lower...eventually that is. It takes baby steps before new technological standards are embraced. Remember that it started with televisions and computer monitors - now LED-lit TVs and monitors are practically everywhere. It's only a matter of time before LEDs reach the price point of CFLs - just hang in there buddy.
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