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About the USB lamp charging time

by:Guangli     2020-04-29
The USB lamp has been used in the industry market is very broad. Because we often contact whether desktop computer, notebook computer or the charger will see a USB interface. So the USB lamp manufacturer of custom processing for convenient use, take advantage of this trend old-style lamp plug into the USB interface table lamp ( USB lamp) 。 Then the USB lamp manufacturer of custom processing research and development of this kind of USB lamp charging need how long? Let light li popularity for everyone! Actually see USB lamp's battery has two kinds: one kind is lead-acid battery, and is a kind of lithium battery. About the USB lamps of lead-acid battery charging time USB lamps of lead-acid battery commonly used in the student desk lamp or desk lamp of the children of the range, the charging indicator light most of the products will not change color, usually from a few hours to ten hours. USB lamps of lead-acid battery charging requirements with a floating time after state, with the changed the user capacity and circuit design is difficult to grasp, because charging time short, filling is too long to form a rechargeable battery life shortened, theonly low-grade products without charging protection circuit, only carefully study the product description. Rough judgment, filling two light observation (try every half hour after hour Do not charge while bright) , plus fruit no longer increases should be full of light is the brightest and desk lamp brightness, floating charge time same again can. About the USB lamp lithium battery charging time USB lamp lithium battery with mobile phone charge is the same, filled with charging instructions said the red light turns green, such as no charging indicator can only refer to the instructions. About USB lamp USB lamp is the application scope of application in a desktop or laptop USB mini rechargeable lamp, can also be a direct charge portable lamp socket. The main purpose of the USB lamp for lighting, decoration, and crafts production etc. USB lamp of major groups and people students, children and family use. ( 10 - 30 years old) Li production r&d/custom processing of USB light small desk lamp of desk lamp is with USB interface to provide power supply, lamp take up the space is not too much, and very save electricity, suitable for office workers or students. USB lamp is convenient to carry, rechargeable type.
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